The Brief: Nicki Minaj has embraced her reputation as a "bag stopper" and the phrase "Nicki Stopped My Bag" is a trending meme on Twitter.


#NickiStoppedMyBag is a comical hashtag based on the joke that rapper Nicki Minaj is stopping the bags of her competitors and pretty much everyone else. Tweets about a bag-stopping Nicki have gone viral, inspiring memes about how people’s losses and inconveniences happened because #NickiStoppedMyBag.

The phrase and Nicki’s reputation as a bag stopper is a reference to beef she has with Cardi B, which has been thoroughly discussed on Queen Radio. After Cardi accused Nicki of “stopping her bag,” Nicki has embraced the term and her status as the ultimate bag stopper.

Nicki took the meme a step further when she released a line of “Nicki Stopped My Bags” themed bags.