The Brief: Nathy Peluso/Nancy Pelosi jokes on Twitter are comprised of users responding to musician Peluso's tweets as if she is the Speaker of the House.


Artist Nathy Peluso’s tweets are part of a running joke on Twitter where users respond to her content as if she is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, thanks to their similar looking first and last names.

These tweets are intended to be funny.

These tweets are punctuated by the fact that the quoted replies involve politics and current affairs, while Peluso’s tweet is typically about a new single or photo shoot.

A birthday tweet:

A few Jan. 6 Capitol riots tweets:

Peluso is a Barcelona-based Argentine singer-songwriter and producer.

In spite of how amusing the jokes may be to internet users, it doesn’t look like Peluso has responded to any of these directly. Hopefully she’s getting a good giggle, too.

More Nathy Peluso/Nancy Pelosi tweets: