The Brief: Twitter users are dragging Millennials and their lifestyle choices using the hashtag #MillennialAwardCategories.


Twitter users, more than just about anyone, understand that there’s usually something new to complain about online everyday. More often than not, Millennials are the root of those complaints. From Baby Boomers to Gen Zers, it seems like just about every generation enjoys roasting those born in the 80’s and early 90’s, also known as Gen Y. Many memes have dragged Millennials for their tendency to “ruin” classics like breakfast cereal and business attire, and this new set of Twitter memes is no exception.

People have been using the hashtag #MillennialAwardCategories on TwitterΒ to speculate about the hypothetical awards Millennials could win.

It was only a matter of time before someone mentioned avocado toast.

Awards for Social Media

These are for anyone who used and abused the Gender Swap Snapchat filter:

It’s clear that too much tech can take a toll…

These tweets directly knock TikTok influencers and YouTubers:

Awards for Attitude

Millennials, more than the other generations, are often criticized for overreacting…

Especially by older generations.

Shots fired, @Barkeromo!

Rather than talk through their problems, Millennials tend to emote how they’re feeling. The clapback emoji is a definite fave.

Millennials are also known for their IDGAF attitude…

And inability to handle things. In most situations, they literally can’t even.

Although, major snapsΒ for those who “can even”.

One thing’s for sure: Millennials are woke AF.

Miscellaneous Awards

There’s no shortage of categories when it comes to dragging Millennials.

While Millennials love their Starbucks, it’s doubtful that this order would fit on the cup.

When it comes to style awards, Millennials seem to be known best for slaying the “man bun”.

Although, flannel and ripped jeans tie for a close Second.

While many of these memes poke fun at Millennial lifestyle choices, this one rings true on a much more somber level:

The good news is, when it comes to #MillennialAwardCategories, everyone takes home a W: