The Brief: A trend regarding the universality of thigh-high leather boots has surfaced online and apparently, anyone can pull them off, especially in memes.


After a video of BLACKPINK rapper Lisa mastering a set of choreography went viral, the masses seized the opportunity to turn her into an incredible meme. Lisa’s thigh-high leather boots were the main focus for many Twitter users which have led to an onslaught of internet memes that are hard to erase from your timeline. Members of BLACKPINK’s large and very loyal fanbase, known as Blinks, are posting and retweeting anything that involves Lisa, the KPOP group’s most popular member.

Typically, these leather boots memes pair a photo of a male celebrity with Lisa’s fashionable boots. The duality between whatever two images a Twitter user desires to place next to each other creates a hilarious illusion as if the male celebrity is wearing her thigh-high leather boots.

Lisa’s Thigh-High Leather Boots Memes