The Brief: The #ClubhouseChallenge consists of Twitter users making fun of the types of conversations and interactions that occur on Clubhouse.


The #ClubhouseChallenge on Twitter pokes fun of user interactions and the types of conversations that are had on Clubhouse, the latest social media app marked by its exclusive invite-only membership.

The app is currently in beta. It allows invited members to create rooms in which they can speak to one another using their phone’s microphone feature. There is no video involved. Users are identified by a handle and a profile picture.

The rooms are split into individuals who are moderators and speakers, listeners followed by speakers, and others in the room. Anyone can become a speaker by “raising their hand.”

The #ClubhouseChallenge on Twitter sees Clubhouse members and non-members playfully mocking the manner in which engagement happens on the app.

Some of the users taking part in the #ClubhouseChallenge are users on Clubhouse who are essentially poking fun at the app. Participants typically hyperbolize their statements to emphasize the ridiculousness of some of the topics or statements being made on the app.

These tweets mocked those who speak in a room mainly for the sake of speaking:

Some of made fun of the fact that many speakers are simply piggybacking off of other people’s comments:

Others poked fun at the “pick-mes” and who are using the platform to spark conversation with celebrities who are on the platform, as well as those who try to rationalize pick-me behavior:

This one takes aim at the thought leaders, social media mangers, and creatives who are trying to figure out the new app within minutes of joining:

This one jokes about the multi-hyphenates who introduce themselves and list every job they hold.