The Brief: The internet wasted no time roasting Beto O'Rourke for answering questions in both Spanish and English during the first night of the Democratic Debates.


The first night of the Democratic Debate is underway in Miami, Florida and the memes have already begun flooding in.

While this evening’s events inspired several meme-able moments, none were more memorable then Beto O’Rourke speaking Spanish.

O’Rourke set Twitter on fire when he chose to answer one of his questions in both English and Spanish.

People wasted no time roasting and dragging the politician for his bilingual response:

There was certainly more than one tweet referencing Duolingo:

Most iterations of this meme challenge O’Rourke, accusing him of avoiding the question entirely by speaking Spanish.

Some versions have even incorporated simple Spanish words and phrases.

Perhaps the most LOL-worthy memes were those pointing out the distateful and confused looks on the faces of O’Rourke’s competition.

Cory Booker seemed to be the most surprised and/or confused by O’Rourke’s Spanish.

One screenshot from the debate featuring Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker side-eyeing O’Rourke has proved to be a fave amongst many Twitter users.

Beto, can you feel the shade being thrown?

Booker’s cold look made a lot more sense when he, too, began speaking Spanish later in the evening.

Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye nailed this one.

The second round of debates kicks off tomorrow evening. Until then, Buenas Noches!