The Brief: Social media users are sharing the best #QuarantineQuotes that they have heard while being stuck inside.


As a part of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, the weeknight host provides a Twitter platform for his viewers to share their thoughts on a hashtag of his choice for his home edition series. This time, Jimmy Fallon is asking his fans to post what have been the best #QuarantineQuotes they have heard while being in lockdown. The humorous responses are irrefutably honest as they reflect the difficult time everyone is in.

Jimmy Fallon’s original tweet went semi-viral and has started an extensive thread with over 6 thousand participants. #QuarantineQuotes was trending on Twitter yesterday and has continued a wildfire of witty responses that revolve around Coronavirus-related issues.

Jimmy Fallon opens up a platform for people to connect during times when everyone feels so disconnected from social distancing.

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