The Brief: Twitter users are bringing animal emoji to life by posing them in scenarios to create mini pictures and stories.


Memes have been circulating online that portray animal emoji in a variety of scenarios such as playing the saxophone, riding skateboards, or celebrating a birthday.

One popular variation of this meme shows a text exchange between someone and their mom where the mom sends texts showing different animals playing the saxophone along with the comments “Isn’t that so silly” and “they’re all so talented.” This wholesome meme is based on the fact that emoji are cute and imagining cartoon animals doing things like being in a boy band or playing baseball is amusing.

Tweets of animal emoji doing things often feature a caterpillar, a shrimp, a Brontosaurus, a turtle, and a snail. They’re paired with other emojis to make it look like they’re interacting with objects or scenery.

They’re literally just vibing.