There are depictions of drinking and references to drugs and sex. There is some violence and censored language.

The Brief: The Good Place is a TV comedy series about a version of the afterlife.


Is it heaven or is it hell? Neither…it’s The Good Place. NBC’s hit comedy series starring Kristen Bell is about a meticulously designed afterlife and the adults who must navigate it. It has some dark-comedic aspects as all the human characters are dead, but is generally upbeat.

There are sexual references, drug-related content, and binge drinking throughout. Some characters have sex, but it is not shown on-screen. There is no direct cursing because in The Good Place all curse words are magically replaced with similar-sounding words (“what the fork,” “bullshirt,” etc.). There is the occasional violence, some of which is gruesome, although mostly for comedic purposes.

The Good Place is in its third season. It airs on NBC and episodes are available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu.