The Brief: The 23rd season of The Bachelor started off with a bang featuring multiple proposals, a sloth, fake accents, and a Chris Harrison Tribute.


*The following contains spoilers from The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 1*

On Monday, January 7th, The Bachelor returned to ABC for another season. As the trailer promised, this three-hour television event featured more than enough drama, memeable moments, heartbreak, and ball gowns.

Whether it’s your favorite show, guilty pleasure, or something you avoid at all costs, The Bachelor is a pop-culture phenomenon. This guide will help you navigate through everything from Bachelor memes to conversations with your co-workers – without the commercial break every ten minutes.


Bachelor Nation is the official name for serious fans of the series and its spinoffs. The show’s producers seemed to be catering to this audience. The first hour of the episode consisted mostly of footage from live viewing parties across the country, where devoted fans got to meet some of their favorite cast members, make predictions about this season, and express their love of all things Bachelor-related. This coverage included two emotional proposals, both of which were enthusiastically accepted.

Highlights, Drama, & Memes

The First Virgin Bachelor 

The bachelor, Colton Underwood, is open about the fact that he is a virgin. Gratuitous references, innuendos, and jokes about this were made about this throughout the episode. One contestant handed him a card with a “V” on it and then took it away so she could say “I took your V-Card.” Another popped a red balloon, joking that she had “popped his cherry.”

Bri’s Fake Australian Accent 

This meme came out even before the show aired. Bri, a model from California introduced herself to Colton with an Australian accent. She then admitted to the cameras that “I’m not really Australian, but you have to do what you can to stand out.”

Sloth Girl 

One contestant, Alex D., came out of the limo in a full sloth costume. She moved and spoke painstakingly slowly, telling Colton “I heard you like to take things s-l-o-w-l-y.” Alex D. spent a while in costume and in character, mingling with the other women and climbing a tree, before eventually showing Colton her face and taking off the costume to reveal a dressy gown underneath. 

Colton Hopping A Fence

Trailers for the season focus on a moment in a future episode where Colton appears to hop a fence and run away. Although the circumstances around this scene have yet to be revealed, it’s already become a meme.

Chris Harrison Tribute

The episode included a touching tribute to the much-loved, long-time host, Chris Harrison, thanking him for his work consistent hosting, through thick, thin, cringey and heartwarming.


A DJ from Fort Lauderdale who gave her dog to Colton upon meeting him seems to be the show’s first villain. On Twitter, people have compared her to Jennifer Coolidge and characters she’s played. Notably, Catherine “stole” Colton from other contestants four times throughout the night, by interrupting their one-on-one conversations so she could speak to him privately.

“I heard you were drowning in some b**ches”

Before having a conversation with Catherine about how she had been rudely taking up other people’s time with Colton, Onyeka decided to give Catherine a “taste of her own medicine.” While Catherine and Colton were talking, Onyeka interrupted them, wearing a scuba mask and blowing a whistle, telling Colton that “I heard you were drowning in some b**ches so I came to save you.”

Who Did And Didn’t Get A Rose

Colton gave Hannah G. the “first impression rose,” meaning that he particularly likes her and has a good feeling about her. To some surprise, Catherine got the last rose. Alex D., the sloth was sent home, along with Erin, who came dressed as Cinderella in a horse-drawn carriage. This season was also a short run for Revian, Tahzjuan, Devin, and Laura, who did not receive roses.

The first episode of the new season of The Bachelor delivered on a hearty supply of tea, beef, memes, and beautiful people. Previews for the rest of the season indicate that there will be much more to come.