Includes violence gore, harsh language, sex, and drug use.

The Brief: Riverdale is a teen drama TV series based on the Archie Comics.


Riverdale, the fictional town from the Archie Comics, is small, old-timey, and rife with mystery. The students at Riverdale High, including Archie, Betty, and Veronica navigate typical teen issues while dark details about their town unfold.

The show is significantly darker and raunchier than the original Archie comics. Sexual elements include sex jokes, partial nudity (shirtless boys and girls in bras), an affair between an underage student and his teacher, and a steamy but brief sex scene in a car. There’s drug use, mostly involving a fictional drug called Jingle Jangle. Characters occasionally use swear words. The show has violence and gore including scenes depicting a murdered body.

Riverdale has three seasons, which air on the CW network. Seasons one and two are available for streaming on Netflix. Cole Sprouse narrates the series and plays the character Jughead Jones.