Includes some sex, violence, alcohol abuse and other adult themes.

The Brief: Jane The Virgin is a telenovela-style drama about the events that occur after a young woman is accidentally artificially inseminated.


Jane The Virgin tells the story of people and families whose lives become intertwined after Jane, a virgin, is accidentally impregnated with a married man’s sperm. At times the show is funny, heartwarming, dramatic, and heartbreaking. As it self-consciously mimics the melodrama of a telenovela, it is full of plot twists, mistaken identities, and cliffhangers. At its heart, Jane The Virgin is a positive show about family, friendship, growth, and love.  The award-winning series has been celebrated for its Latino and LGBTQ+ representation.

As its title may suggest, Jane The Virgin directly addresses sex (and abstinence). Although the main character is a virgin (at least at the beginning), the show is not devoid of premarital sex. Jane The Virgin covers topics including sex, abortion, alcohol abuse, violence, and murder. These portrayals, for the most part, are more suggestive than they are graphic or explicit. It also addresses serious issues such as cancer, infidelity, divorce, religion, and immigration.

Jane The Virgin has four seasons. It airs on the CW and is available for streaming on Netflix.