Contains some cursing, sexual references, drinking, and comic violence.

The Brief: Bob's Burgers is a cartoon comedy about an eccentric family who run a burger joint.


Bob and Linda Bletcher are the parents of Tina, Gene, and Louise Bletcher. Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon-take on the American family, following their quirky misadventures. The family members struggle with growing up, owning a business, and more, but always love and support each other in the end.

Bob’s Burgers is in its ninth season on Fox. Reruns air on Adult Swim and it is available for streaming on Hulu. It won the Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2014 and 2017.

As it is an adult cartoon, Bob’s Burgers includes some inappropriate jokes and light cursing. It has sexual references and innuendos. Depictions of violence are shown for the sake of comedy. There are jokes about dark topics such as cannibalism, murder, and child molestation.