The Brief: A new TikTok trend has teenagers performing random acts of kindness to the song "you were good to me" by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler.  


Released in April 2019, “you were good to me” by singer-songwriters Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler has inspired TikTokers to express their kindness in various heartwarming ways. The track tells the story of a couple in the midst of a painful breakup looking back on their time together with fondness.

Lryics from "you were good to me"

From buying a classmate a new pair of kicks to assembling kits for the homeless full of snacks, necessities, and touching handwritten notes, this wave of positivity is sure to bring a smile to your face!

The song is also widely used to depict sad situations:

Some TikTokers use the somber vibe of the track to tease a depressing story, promising to reveal the ending if the video blows up: