The Brief: The "Yes, I Did That And You Would Too For A Check" Coco Jones TikTok memes see creators calling out themselves and celebrities for their questionable behavior.


The latest TikTok trend sees creators calling out controversial behavior by lip-syncing to audio from former Disney channel star Coco Jones’ Sept. 12 YouTube livestream. While discussing her roles in Hollywood, she said she is “chill” in real life and doesn’t like to sound overly-perky, which she illustrated by becoming bright-eyed and saying “Hi guys!” in a high-pitched voice that seemed to allude to the upbeat nature of other Disney stars. She followed with, “Yes, I did that and you would do it too for a check. I was an employee! And I was going to get employee of the month, and that’s on period!”

On Sept. 18, that clip was shared on TikTok along with a request for TikTokers to do their worst with the audio. The post was liked over 459,000 times and was viewed over 2 million times. The sound has since been used in over 10,000 videos, many of which call out individuals for questionable behavior.

One of the most popular videos is by TikToker @skskskskksksbvvebebshsjs. In it, she claims to have charged her classmates to take a peek under her hijab. The TikTok received over 1 million likes and 3 million views.


#ColorCustomizer #foryoupage #fyp #somali #muslim

♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.

@Kaliuchic00chie’s video called out Euphoria actor Alexa Demie amidst rumors she’s concealed her real age. In a 2019 Vulture interview, she’s quoted as 24 years old. However, an alleged alumni list from her high school indicates she’s actually 29 or 30 years old.

The TikTok video garnered over 155,000 likes and 728,000 views in 24 hours.


Still Stan. She did make out with a child tho 🥴 #alexademie #maddyperez #euphoria #fyp #HeyAngel #Denim4all #PlantsOfTikTok

♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.

Creator @Nmillz1’s video mocked popular TikTokers for claiming to sign up for TikTok’s rival Triller after President Trump moved forward with plans to ban TikTok. His video was aimed at the Sway Boys. It received over 89,000 likes and 327,000 views within 12 hours of posting.


♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.

Other takes:


“RBG died do you understand how good that is” – my grandpa 🧎🏽 #fyp #foryou

♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.


this was funnier in my head

♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.