The Brief: TikTokers are avoiding answering complicated, invasive, or awkward questions by lip-syncing to audio from Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts" music video.


TikTokers are making light of moments they’ve tried to avoid answering complicated, invasive, or awkward questions by lip-syncing to a clip from Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” music video. In it, Beyoncé takes part in a pageant and is asked by the host, “What is your aspiration in life?” “Wow, that’s a great question,” she replied, clearly unprepared for the ask. The visual cuts to Beyoncé diving into a pool of water, before cutting back to the scene of her on stage. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she continued.

On TikTok, the audio is linked to over 17,000 videos. It traces back to user @Yourfriendthomas’ Aug. 29 TikTok where he recreated the video. It featured the risqué caption: “When he asks ‘Do you like that baby?'” It received over 78,000 likes and 276,000 views.


The frick am I supposed to say ? “Yes” maybe if it wasn’t 2 inches

♬ original sound – Thomas

A popular take on the trend is by @Bigscrumptiousa**. It was captioned, “When he asks how I drove to his house without asking for directions.” The video garnered over 591,000 likes and 2 million views.

TikToker and physics professor @Sutherlandphys’ put his own special twist on the trend, as he was expecting to be asked a specific question. “When you purposely leave off crucial info on your PowerPoint slide so someone can ask about it and you can look smart responding.” It amassed over 328,000 likes and 1.1 million views.

Other takes:


♬ original sound – Thomas