The Brief: The "Wish You Well" Valid TikTok Dance typically consists of creators performing Jersey Club dances behind on-screen text featuring insults and compliments.


The “Wish You Well” Valid Dance on TikTok is marked by creators writing insults on their own videos with on-screen text, before they start performing some fancy footwork from New Jersey. These moves are often referred to as Jersey Club dances and they include the running man, sexy walk, or tanging. It consists of dancers quickly moving their feet while squatting or leaning from side-to-side.

The on-screen text typically changes from insults to a series of nice and/or backhanded compliments once the TikToker begins dancing. These videos typically earn stamps of approval from viewers in the form of the comment “valid” followed by 🥶cold face, 🥵hot face , and 🔥fire emojis.

This trend is performed to the Jersey Club Remix of “Wish You Well” by Brent Faiyaz. There are over 91,000 videos linked to the audio. The trend began growing in popularity in mi February.

One of the earliest videos in this trend traces back to @howdoiaddaname. His video was shared on Jan. 31 with the caption “Y’all rocking wit it.” It garnered over 429,000 likes and 2.3 million views.


y’all rockin wit it ⁉️⁉️#fyp

♬ Wish You Well by fyb.eli_ – king.jodey🦁

The @officialfivehead’s video about dealing with cancer was another popular take. The video captioned “Yes, you are allowed to laugh at this” garnered over 4.2 million likes and 13.7 million views.

Major motion picture company Lionsgate hopped on the trend and featured a clip from the critically-acclaimed film La La Land.


ya’ll rockin with sebastian⁉️ #lalaland

♬ Wish You Well by fyb.eli_ – king.jodey🦁


Other takes:


I’m a pretty good dancer 🤟 #doritosflatlife #Bossit2021 #viral #foryoupage #grandma #fyp #dance

♬ Wish You Well by fyb.eli_ – king.jodey🦁