The Brief: TikTokers are changing their profile picture to a photo of creator @chunkysdead as they join her "cult" known as The Step-Chickens.


As part of TikTok’s 2020 “Cult Wars,” members of the TikTok cult The Step-Chickens are changing their profile pictures to a photo of their leader @chunkysdead. The picture in question has a blue tint and shows her wearing glasses with messy hair.

Similar to the Lego Star Wars profile pictures, these send a message to others to join the cult. To those who aren’t in-the-know, the photos can be confusing, like an inside joke that they don’t know about. Luckily, all are welcome to join The Step-Chickens, and one of the main ways to do so is to change your profile picture to this image.

In early May 2020, @chunkysdead started organizing her cult and other TikTok stars have joined her. As other copycat cults form and try to compete with The Step-Chickens, the so-called “Cult Wars” began, which mostly involves cult “leaders” rallying their fans to flood certain comments sections with their slogans and memes. At the time of writing, The Step-Chickens are the largest and most powerful cult on the app, but others are growing and continuing to challenge their authority.


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Thank you @reitergrace for joining us. RISE MY STEP-CHICKENS RISE 🐔 #fyp #stepchickens #joinourcult

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