The Brief: The Whole Lotta Choppas dance on TikTok is by @Ohbukster. The choreo consists of stepping from side to side, pointing a finger gun, and bumping your fists together.


The Whole Lotta Choppas TikTok dance by @Ohbukster is marked by stepping from side to side while moving your shoulders from side to side, too. It is followed by pointing a finger gun at the camera, stepping in place, and bumping your fists together in front of and behind you.

The infectious dance is performed to Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas.”


They wanna see me do my dance
In these thousand dollar pants
Don’t disrespect me and my mans
Bang, whole lotta choppas on your a**

[Verse 2]
Scram, we just put them diamonds on your head
Snitchin’ a** n*gga gave his momma to the feds
Little brother, big brother sada got the dreads
DZ DT sada keep the bands

@Ohbukster happily performed the number on August 27. His sweet demeanor and infectious moves garnered over 2.2 million likes and 16 million views.

The dance quickly began growing in popularity.  There are over 2.3 million videos linked to the sound, many feature @Ohbukster’s choreo being performed by celebrities and some of the most popular TikTokers.


Charli D’Amelio:


dc @ohbukster

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

David Dobrik:


hahaha we for sure didnt do this right @nataliemariduena

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

Cristian Dennis, Ondreaz Lopez, and Tyshon Lawrence:


Too much fun in this 🔥 @cristiandennis @tyshonlawrence

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby