The Brief: "TikTok cringe" is a term that encapsulates the cringeyness that TikTok is known and loved for.


TikTok is known for its breadth of content which often toes the line between uncomfortable and hilarious. The phrase “TikTok cringe” refers to how TikTok videos can be deeply cringey. Although this is often seen as a negative thing, the unabashed attitudes of many TikTokers can also lead to fun, whimsical, and relatable content.

TikTok Cringe Subreddit

The subreddit r/tiktokcringe calls itself “A place to watch the best and worst videos from TikTok.” With over 430,000 members, this community is a place to showcase TikToks that are terribly uncomfortable and/or comedic gold. Redditors can label their posts with a variety of tags to mark which ones are “cursed,” “cringe,” “humor,” etc.

Club Quarantine looks lit from TikTokCringe

Skyrim in Real Life from TikTokCringe

Throw the whole gf away from TikTokCringe

the amount of cringe is not ok. from TikTokCringe