The Brief: Straight TikTok is the colloquial name for the mainstream side of TikTok which is full of straight-edged heterosexual young people who make generic content.


Straight TikTok is typically used in contrast to “Alt TikTok” or “Elite TikTok.” It consists of videos from top TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio, Loren Gray, Lil Huddy, and the likes. Unlike other “sides” of TikTok which are considered relatively niche subcultures, this one is mainstream.


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Someone whose For You Page consists of straight TikTok content is typically considered basic and boring by those who have less traditionally popular tastes. People who are active on the straight side of TikTok my not be aware of the labeled “sides” of TikTok as their tastes are largely the app’s default. Self-proclaimed members of Alt or Elite TikTok often drag Straight TikTok for being boring and uncool.

The word “straight” refers both to the straight-edged qualities of these videos as well as the fact that creators are mainly heterosexual. As much of the cringey content in these videos involves heterosexual thirst traps, the name also references the straight sexual overtones and undertones in the genre. It can be used in reference to “Gay TikTok,” a community that consists of LGBTQ+ creators and viewers. According to TikToks and other social media posts on the subject, videos in the straight category include dance videos, mainstream celebrities, teenagers from big TikTok houses, straightforward skits, family content, and other generic, widely popular content.

At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #StraightTikTok have been viewed over 114 million times, but many videos featured are making fun of the genre rather than celebrating it. Here are some examples of content one might find on the mainstream side of TikTok:



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we decided to hop on it

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When you spend the night at your friends & they don’t give you a blanket

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