The Brief: Frog TikTok is a subsection of TikTok which consists of videos of frogs.


Frog TikTok is the name for a subculture within TikTok which features videos with frogs. Often associated with Alt TikTok and Elite TikTok, this amphibious side of TikTok also has some overlap with cottagecore as frogs are a mainstay in the cottagecore aesthetic. Frog-related videos include pet frogs, frogs in the wild, frog fan art, animated frogs, frog accessories, and the occasional toad.

Internet obsession with frogs spans beyond just TikTok, but the app is a major hub for sharing frog-related content. At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #FrogTikTok have been viewed over 25 million times on TikTok, and ones labeled under #Frogs have been viewed over 249 million times.


this was from last summer and I think it’s perfect for frog tiktok #frog #frogs #frogtiktok

♬ Ameno hatsune miku – Hybrid theorist

Online, frogs are sometimes depicted as something of an LGBTQ+ icon, which is partially a reference to Alex Jones’s infamous “frogs are gay” rant. There is some overlap between Frog TikTok and LGBTQ+ TikTok and the hashtag #GayFrogs has over 6.9 million views on the app.


At this point, you know the drill😂 #gayfrogs #virtualpride #pridefrogs #transgender #fyp

♬ Gay frogs – Orange 🍊

Another popular theme within the genre is cowboy frogs which can be frogs wearing cowboy hats or any other frogs who support the Yee Haw Agenda. There is some debate as to whether or not it’s ethical or harmful to put tiny cowboy hats on pet frogs, who have sensitive skin. Almost entirely absent from TikTok frog content is Pepe, a cartoon frog who has been claimed by far-right extremists as a mascot.


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♬ Not my sound my bad eeehhhg – FadoodlesFuff


“Neah” #90dayfiance #quarantinepets #frogs #cuties #frogcouple #fyp

♬ Cyber Sex – Doja Cat – Tyler Warwick


A homie SummerOfGaming KeepingItCute #fyp #frog #gayfrogs #phrog #frogtiktok #frogtok #frogchallenge

♬ Look at this Distinguished Gentleman – Paul Provosty