The Brief: "FreakTok" is a side of TikTok marked by NSFW content, sex tips, and sexually suggestive text.


At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag FreakTok have been viewed 574.7 million times on TikTok. Videos under this hashtag and similar ones like #Freakyy and #FreakyTikTok host a range of NSFW and sexually suggestive content. Examples include sex tips, short text-based erotica, descriptions of sexual fantasies, and photos of ideal places to hook up in.

These videos typically toe the line of TikTok’s Community Guidelines about posting “sexually explicit or gratifying content.” While most videos on FreakTok don’t include nudity or explicit depictions of sex, they may include sexually suggestive audio, comments, and innuendo. It’s common practice in these “freaky” videos for creators to censor more explicit words, sometimes replacing terms with emoji, such as an eggplant to represent a penis or the peanut emoji to allude to “nuts” or “nutting.”

It’s unclear what portion of creators and viewers of FreakTok are minors. Some accounts dedicated to freaky content include “16+” or “18+” in their bio to signal that their content is for adults only, but other accounts and comments indicate that minors are active on this side of TikTok. The app’s community guidelines specifically state that “We do not allow content that imposes sexuality on or sexually objectifies minors.”

FreakTok often includes videos relating to kink, but content specifically on the kink community and its practices can be found under the hashtag #KinkTok, which hs over 1.4 billion views.