The Brief: The "Vroom Vroom" TikTok dance consists of hip pops, crossing arm motions, miming driving a car, and hitting the woah.


The latest TikTok craze is the “Vroom Vroom” dance marked by dancers swaying their hips from side to side, crossing their arms over their chest, miming driving a car, and hitting the woah. The choreo created by @Gwentakapu1 is performed to “Va Va Vroom Vroom” by DJ Wayn. The dance is an international phenomenon with TikTokers from all over the world hopping on the trend. There are over 5.4 million videos linked to the audio on the app.

@Gwentakapu1 shared the infectious choreo on Dec. 14, 2020 and received over 1.1 million likes and 19 million views.

The catchy dance caught the eye of popular TikTokers and adults, alike.

Charlie D’Amelio:


dc @gwentakapu1

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn

This woman’s take garnered a whopping 2.6 million likes on her TikTok.


♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

This group’s performance in the middle of a street — and judging by the flashing lights also in front of a few police cars — amassed over 3.3 million likes.

@enrique_nerii @ivanmojica_ @carlosgalindo956 #tiktok #fyp #parati #fyp #foryou #baile #friends #viral

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

Other takes:


vrooommm vrroommmm hohoho

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu


Happy new year 😊. I love this trend!!

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu