The Brief: The Versailles Run TikTok effect is being used as a meme to represent an individual dramatically fleeing from one location to another.


The Versailles Run TikTok effect makes it appear as if a creator’s head is fixed on an animated figure running through a palace (the one in Versailles, perhaps). The effect is used to stress the speed in which one flees a scene or heads off in a haste to do something else. There are over 257,000 videos using the effect.

These memes are typically performed to a clip of Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame” on the app. There are over 116,000 videos using this audio on the app. This trend is associated with other songs as well.


But if I do, then I might miss you, babe
It’s complicated and stupid
, got my ass squeezed by sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play, wants to play a lovegame, a lovegame

These videos are meant to be humorous and/or relatable. Many can probably relate to having a friend try to link them with their crush.


gotta dip 😫 it inside

♬ оригинальный звук – Videographer | ROSTOV

Who else remembers rushing out your house in an outfit your parents wouldn’t approve of.


♬ оригинальный звук – Makeup Queen 👑

@Dgibbsofficial has no problem being part of the rumor mill.


It be like that #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ оригинальный звук – Makeup Queen 👑

Fanfic enthusiasts and Wattpad users will get a kick out of this one.


I had to #fyp #booktok #enemiestolovers #storytime

♬ Sweater Weather – Joel Sunny

Other takes:


Yeah #foryoupage #fypシ

♬ original sound – Ashley


Maybe claim your bastard som next time henry 😈

♬ оригинальный звук – Makeup Queen 👑


every mf day #fy

♬ оригинальный звук – Makeup Queen 👑