The Brief: Creators are using the "Wacky Mirror" effect on TikTok to create humorous walking and standing videos.


TikTok‘s “Wacky Mirror” effect is part of a growing trend. Creators use the effect to distort videos, making them look as if there are ripples in the footage. When placed over clips of people, the effect is quite humorous as it makes individuals appear as if they are body rolling when standing still or moving their hips in an exaggerated manner when walking. The effect has been used in over 604,000 videos.

Creator @just_us_fam_ placed the effect over their partner as he moved items around a warehouse. The video made it look like he was body rolling against a chair. The video is highlighted by the fact that he doesn’t know he’s being filmed with the “wacky mirror” filter. The video received over 5.7 million likes and 24.4 million views.


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TikToker @carsonaycock used the effect on his elderly family members as they moved around the house. The amusing video garnered over 4.4 million likes and 19.7 million views.


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Some also tried the effect on popular movie scenes, like this one for any remaining Twihards out there.


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Other takes:


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