The Brief: The "Funk da Netflix" dance, which is also becoming known as the Brazilian Netflix Sound dance, sees TikTokers busting a move to audio from the Netflix original series Sintonia which includes the streaming platform's signature intro.


Netflix’s “dun dun” intro is getting the TikTok treatment. Creators are dancing to it, kinda. “Funk da Netflix,” which is original music from the Brazilian Netflix series Sintonia, is a song that begins with Netflix’s “dun dun” sound, before turning into an infectiously catchy tune. A clip of this audio is linked to over 244,000 videos on TikTok. These videos began growing in popularity on the app in early January.

There are a few dances circulating the app that are performed to this song. A very popular version is from creator @_babooshka. It consists of creators bending forwards and backwards, moving their hips from side to side, and stepping from side to side.  It is also filmed in a manner that makes the footage appear choppy.


♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil

Other versions of the dance see creators putting their own spin on the choppy-style video.


netflix the remix😁

♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil

This version sees creator @nene_la_shiro “Netflix no chill” with his mom.


Netflix no chill 😂 Feat. MOM ❤️#NENETRIBE #netflix #funny #fyp #foryoupage #afrobeats #xyzbca

♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil

More takes:



♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil


Netflix and chill with a little twist ☺️ #fyp #xyzcba #viral #like #tiktok #foryou #xyzbca

♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil


My dad’s first video 😃 #dancer #latin #trend #NFLPlayoffs #LiftandSnatchBrow #notviral dc: @_babooshka

♬ Funk da Netflix – Netflix Brasil