The Brief: In this video challenge trend, TikTok users reinterpret Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" to show the "difficult" decisions they're facing.


Poetry goes viral in one of the more recent TikTok trends, the #TwoRoads Challenge.

TikTok users are hashtagging their videos with #TwoRoads to show the challenging choices they’re facing. In most cases, these videos are purely meant for comedic value. These videos are also often self-roasting, as the creator tends to choose the “wrong” or less sound decision.

The #TwoRoads Challenge incorporates one of TikTok’s newer features: text. In these videos, people use text to visually write out two options they’re choosing between. In the end of the video, the user walks (or sometimes runs) towards the option they’ve decided.

As users decide between the two directions, a dramatic reading of Robert Frost’s poem,ย  “The Road Not Taken” plays in the background. The name, #TwoRoads, derives from the title of the poem.

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