The Brief: The new Shapeshifting effect on TikTok is being used by creators to morph into popular fictional characters.


The popular Shapeshifting effect on TikTok is finally available to US-based users and the resulting videos do not disappoint.

The effect started to go viral once TikTokers overseas shared hilarious videos of themselves morphing into Disney princesses and other fictional characters. Though conversations in comments sections it was revealed that the creators using the effect were not in the United States.

As of April 15, the Shapeshifting effect landed on TikTok’s Discover Page in the US. There are over 246,000 videos using the effect which works by transforming a creator into one of the characters they upload from cast character photos from various movies. The assumption is, your face transforms into the character that closely resembles you. About 25,000 of these videos are also set to the same song, “Fantasy” by Meiko Nakahara and 55,000 videos linked to “It’s Been A Long, Long Time” by Harry James and His Orchestra.

A popular trend appears to have emerged out of the fact that that the effect seems a bit glitchy. Many creators are finding that when they use this photo of the Avengers, many individuals morph into Black Panther played by the late Chadwick Boseman.


I tried folks. I REALLY TRIED. And I miss him πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜”πŸ’” #fyp #awkward #shapeshiftingchallenge #marvel #glitch

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James

Part of the amusing nature of these videos are the confused expressions that cross the creators’ faces.


The amount of questions I have #shapeshifting #marvel #foryou

♬ Meiko Nakahara Fantasy Also drop me a follow – Oya

Funny enough, the “glitch” didn’t seem to work for creator @tumi.malatse who hoped to transform into Black Panther.

Filter is bogus as hell #fyp #marvel #blackpanther #clintbarton #foryou

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James

Others have found a similar issue when trying the effect with Harry Potter character lists, too. Creator @readyfredi did everything in his power to try and morph into Voldemort.


Which HP character are you? #fyp #harrypotter #voldemort

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Some takes on the trend worked out quite nicely, though.


Duet this with your Marvel lookalike! #captainamerica #mcu #avengers #chrisevans #shapeshifting

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James

More takes:


Thought I was gonna get Kendall…. wtf #fyp #zxycba #uh #okay #wow

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James


Frickin Hawkeye #hawkeye #ItsOurHome #shapeshifter #avengers #strangefaces #sad #fyp

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James