The Brief: The #LaughingDuet video on TikTok is being used to prank parents and gandparents on the app.


Creators are pranking their parents by using a popular video on TikTok. The viral video by @hi_bre features two young women staring in silence before they burst into laughter. When used with TikTok’s duet feature, the video appears as a reaction to something happening in another video making for a humorous result.

These are trending on the app. The associated hashtag #LaughingDuet has accrued over 341 million views.


when you realize you didn’t click the sound🥴

♬ bre n mia laughing – bre

A trend emerging withing this trend sees creators telling their parents their friends (the women in the pre-recorded TikTok) want to meet them and/or see what they look like. Most parents are open to meeting them, but their mood changes drastically when the young women begin laughing hysterically.

Many parents and grandparents were disgruntled:


#duet with @hi_bre #prank

♬ bre n mia laughing – bre


#duet with @hi_bre she actually got heated 🤣

♬ bre n mia laughing – bre

This guy wasn’t impressed.

Some TikTokers are taking the joke to another level and pranking their significant others.