The Brief: From viral dance crazes to iconic movies, the 2010s have been a wild ride and TikTokers are feeling nostalgic as the decade draws to an end.


The 2010s have seen it all – from the Harlem Shake to the Ice Bucket Challenge, and TikTokers are using the #bestofthedecade to reminisce over the decade’s best moments. Legendary songs, beloved movies, and favorite childhood snacks all made the cut, with TikTok users fondly looking back on the past 10 years. Take a trip down memory lane with these TikToks celebrating the unforgettable trends that defined the decade.

First up, the best dances of the 2010sπŸ•Ί:

The decade’s most epic cultural events, random trends, and weird challenges:

Some of these may have been around before the 2010s πŸ€”:

Can’t forget the decade’s most epic movies:

A decade full of bangers:

All the best challenges and dances of the decade on the piano:

Here’s to a decade of hard-fought NBA Championships:

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