The Brief: A song popular on TikTok has lyrics that sound like "love I know" or "no I know" but are actually words in Portuguese.


What Are The Words?

While many videos on TikTok dub “love I know” or “no I know” over these similar-sounding Portuguese words, the actual lyrics in the clip from the song Opaul by Freddie Dredd go:

Oh David, não vai não
Agora que esse som tá ficando bom
David, não vai não

According to an entry on Genius, this translates to:

Oh David, don’t go, no
Now that this sound is getting good
David, don’t go, no
Oh David, don’t go, no

Freddie Dredd sampled this excerpt from the song “David” by the Brazilian singer-songwriter Célia, who can be heard singing in the clip. At the time of writing, there are over 2.2 million videos using the audio clip from “Opaul” by Freddie Dredd on TikTok. Videos associated with the hashtags #LoveIKnow and #NoIKnow have been viewed over 58 million times.

Love I Know – No I Know TikTok Skits

While the TikTokers who make these videos may be aware that these aren’t the actual words to the song, the “love I know” or “no I know” line is popular in skits that depict responses to someone stating the obvious or of someone lying coyly.

@unstabletingz#pov your town serial killer made another kill, but your friend seems a little off?♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

@arielthelittleartistNooooo shietttttt🤦🏻‍♀️ #JustAddGlitter #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #4u #fy #loveiknow #noiknow #makeup #hair♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

@thetravelingticsEvery time I go to a new Doctor #heterochromia #hornerssyndrome #tourettes #tics #rarecombo #loveIknow #blueye #greeneye #trend #doctors #yeet♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

Opaul Dances

Hype House members including Charli D’Amelio popularized a short dance routine to this clip which involves making a heart motion during the “love I know” or “não vai não” lines.

@charlidamelio♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

@addisonredance creds charlidamelio bc the baby hit 20 mil!! 💜♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

@lilhuddy💜 dc: charlidamelio♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

Não Vai Não

Many TikToks from Portuguese-speaking creators explain how the lyrics have been misheard, explaining what the actual lyrics are. Sometimes, the “oh David” is heard as “volte aqui” which means “come back here.”

@.justinguintashe didn’t think this could get viral. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #notfyp #notforyou #notforyoupage #portuguese #momsoftiktok♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd

@gillianbradleyshe said she’ll tell me if this gets on the fyp #fyp #foryoupage #CleanFreshHype #foru♬ Opaul – Freddie Dredd