The Brief: The "It's The ... For Me" TikTok trend sees creators using a filter to determine their characteristic or behavior that could be considered an insult as part of the "it's for me" joke.


The “It’s For Me” phrase has gone from a TikTok game with friends to a trendy, new filter. The phrase “it’s ____ for me” indicates that a certain characteristic or behavior is what yields a feeling of disgust (and in some cases adoration). It is typically used on social media to poke fun at people. Now, it’s part of a filter on TikTok which cycles through a number of different of categories and characteristics before randomly landing on one. In these videos, many creators look surprised when they received their characteristic or activity because it actually applies to them.

These videos began popping up on TikTok in early December. The filter is currently on the app’s “Discover” page. There are over 703,000 videos using the filter which has a number of different categories.

There’s “forgetfulness:”

Bad decisions:


♬ –



15 years of Irish dance 🥲 #fyp #dance #itstheforme #BagelBopsContest

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oh reallyyy…..

♬ –



Not Tik Tok exposing me 😐 #trans

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And, random categories like “hibernation.”