The Brief: The "I Do My Lil Dancy Dance" TikToks feature pet owners busting a move with their animal friends.


TikTokers are dancing with their pets to DaBaby’s “Practice” as part of the  “I Do My Lil Dancy Dance” trend. There are over 522,000 videos linked to the sound, many of them featuring TikTokers and their pets. These videos began growing in popularity on the app in early December.


I told you don’t play with me, n*gga
And she be actin’ funny, probably think a n*gga need her (Uh-uh)
I thought I was faithful, she say I’m a cheater
They thought I was taken, I’m ready to mingle
The f*ck is you saying, lil’ n*gga? (Go)

I do my lil’ dancy-dance (Go)

These videos give pet owners a chance to show off their animal friends.

Here is a video with a very cute furry friend.

This girl owns a baby cow.


he loves me i promise #cows #mylildance #punchy #ranch #ranchy #UpTheBeat #ThinkingAbout #cowboyshit #ranchyshit #calves #horses #ranching #cowboy

♬ original sound – FOE Aries

There’s also this hilarious take with a fish.

@gabescobefore anyone gets mad, Johnny was in a little cup i made this while i cleaned his bowl ##fish##HolidayCrafts##UpTheBeat##CancelTheNoise MY IG – @gabesco♬ original sound – Aries ✪

Other takes:


♬ original sound – Aries ✪


her tiny legs 😭😭😭 #fup #puppy

♬ original sound – Aries ✪