The Brief: As TikTok continues to be an enormously popular app and digital culture hub, we've tracked the top trends from July and highlighted the ones that are set to continue through August and beyond.


July was a big month for TikTok. The United States Secretary of State threatened to ban the app, Amazon tried to stop its employees from using it, and Facebook announced plans to go forward with its competitor app Reels. In TikTok culture news, baby witches tried to hex the moon, World War Tea came and went, Alt Girls are rocking big pants with little shirts, Howie Mandel posted some concerning videos, and new dance trends go viral every day. Here are some of the top TikTok trends, terms, memes, and dance moves from July that have the potential to stay the most relevant in August 2020.

Terms To Know

As TikTok becomes increasingly relevant in broader pop culture, language emerges from comments sections, captions, hashtags, and memes into the wider lexicon. Here are the top terms we’ve defined in the past month.

TikTok Trends For August 2020

Mi Pan Su Su Sum 

If it’s not already stuck in your head, this song will be soon.

Nobody Needs To Know

After Hamilton came out on Disney+, memes about the hit musical spread across social media, inspiring this TikTok trend about keeping secrets.


i love her i cant not show her off ❤️ #fyp #rats #MeetMyParents #PetsOfTikTok #TooManyShoes #GreekFreakOut

♬ –

Help The Bear 

This trend is for people who are so tough that if you see ever them in the forest fighting with a grizzly bear, help the bear!


Had to pull out my books from middle school because I only read fanfics now LMFAOOO

♬ original sound – Reece

“Foreigner” Cover 

Fans have decided to idolize TikToker @Evpap for his cover of Pop Smoke’s “Foreigner.”


The concert of a lifetime‼️#GreenScreenSky #fyp #foryou #popsmoke #graduation

♬ Foreigner cover – Evan Papier

“I Was Supposed To Be In The Video” 

Madison Beer’s not-so-humble brag inspired this meme about getting left out.

Irish Dancing Videos 

This one is yet another way people are making use of the new horizontal duet feature.


Tiktok made me do it 😂 @marypapageorge

♬ Fergalicious – Fergie

“I Am Lost” 

The song  “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles is being used for Toca Boca salon makeover videos and in the “I Am Black” parody cover.

He Has No Lips…

A duet between TikTokers @thereal_tati and @polo.boyy inspired a trend that is equal parts weird and amusing.


#duet with @polo.boyy omg #fyp #xyzbca

♬ EGO – чё надо