The Brief: The "That's Just What Gangstas Do" TikTok trend calls for creators to recount the times they've done something to punish or annoy another individual, typically for their own amusement or benefit.


TikTokers are revealing their seemingly savage behavior while lip-syncing to “Gangsta” by Kehlani as part of the growing “That’s Just What Gangstas Do” TikTok trend.  These memes feature creators staring off to the side of the camera as on-screen text indicates what they’ve done to earn “street cred.” Typically, these videos see creators doing something to punish or annoy another individual for their own enjoyment or benefit.

There are about 7,000 videos linked to the audio under @Spicydoug’s Sept. 4 video which featured the on-screen text, “9 year old me after beating the sh!t out of my stuffed animals for talking back.” It garnered over 33,000 likes and 161,000 views.

The most popular video is from creator ziigy123 sees him  “When you get partnered with the popular kid and you say ‘Can I work alone?’ to keep them humble.” He slowly smirked as the camera panned around him. The video received over 797,000 likes and 2.5 million views.

Physics professor @Sutherlandphys captioned his take, “When you curve their A down to a B just to humble them.” The video amassed over 286,000 likes and 1.1 million views.

@A_little_rebecca’s video was captioned, “Commenting ‘You’re so brave’ on a popular girl’s bikini pic to keep them humble.” Her TikTok garnered over  64,000 likes and 526,000 views.

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