The Brief: TikTokers are dancing to the song "Shower" by Becky G with a series of moves choreographed by @zacklugo, @notstoud_, and @brandonmundine.


The song “Shower” by Becky G debuted in 2014 and is having a resurgence on TikTok via a dance trend in 2020. In late October, TikTokers @zacklugo, @notstoud_, and @brandonmundine shared their choreography to a clip from the song.

The lyrics included in the clip go:

“You light me up inside
Like the 4th of July
Whenever you’re around
I always seem to smile”


my boys @brandonmundine @notstoud_

♬ Shower – Becky G

As seen in this tutorial, the dance includes various hand motions including pointing your fingers together (like in the “but I’m shy” TikTok trend and corresponding emoji).


heres the tutorial… hit my boys dance and tag them in any video you see (vc: @zacklugo @brandonmundine @notstoud_ )

♬ Shower – Becky G

Becky G herself got in on the trend, posting a video of her trying the dance on TikTok.


#Stillsingingintheshower 🙃 I had to. DC: @zacklugo @notstoud_ @brandonmundine

♬ Shower – Becky G

At the time of writing, over 1.6 million videos using the sound have been posted to TikTok and videos with the corresponding hashtag #SingingInTheShower have been viewed over 6.8 million times.


Laura cannot do helicopter hands D.C. @notstoud_ @zacklugo @brandonmundine #singinginthehshower #fyp

♬ Shower – Becky G


take your pick ⚡️#fyp #showerbeckyg #shower

♬ Shower – Becky G


guess what are we? 👻👻👻 #fyp #foryoupage #Halloween

♬ Shower – Becky G


♬ –