The Brief: The "Show Yourself 3 Januarys [sic] In A Row" TikTok trend sees creators sharing photos of how they've grown in the past three years.


The latest TikTok trend sees creators sharing photos of themselves from the last three Januaries in a row, typically 2021, 2020, and 2019. These videos are set to the TikTok viral unreleased track by Sza and TikTok’s text-to-speech automated voice saying, “Show yourself three Januarys [sic] in a row.”

There are over 270,000 videos linked to the audio. The associated hashtag #3JanuarysInARow has accumulated over 9.3 million views. This trend is also being referred to as the “3 Januarys [sic] Challenge.”

The audio is linked to @serena420blazemama’s Jan. 11 video. In it, she credits @bluntsandb00biesdawg for the idea.

The trend is a popular one with some of the most-liked takes featuring major glow-ups and transformations. Some of these videos reveal TikTokers coming into their own and embracing who they really are.

Lil Nas X and Charli D’Amelio took part.


#ColorCustomizer #greenscreen

♬ 3 Januarys challenge – serena420blazemama



♬ 3 Januarys challenge – serena420blazemama

Actor Kyle Machlachlan, known for his roles in Atlantic Crossing, Twin Peaks, and Dune, even hopped on the trend, too.


Anyone have a similar trajectory for their last three Januarys? 🤔 #3januarysinarow

♬ 3 Januarys challenge – serena420blazemama