The Brief: The "She Told Me To Recline" TikTok trend is part of the #ReclineChallenge which is marked by creators leaning back as far as they can while performing choreo by @karaleighcannelle.


TikTokers are testing their flexibility with the new #ReclineChallenge. Typically, creators perform a dance set to LPB Poody’s “Batman.” The choreo by creator @karaleighcannelle sees dancers leaning back, before moving their hands over their face and down their chest. This trend began growing in popularity in late February. There are over 380,000 videos linked to the audio.  The associated hashtag #ReclineChallenge has accrued over 782,000 views.


I hit her in a Benz, we f*ckin’ all in the street (All in the street)
She told me to recline, so I had to let back the seat (Let back the seat)
Pull out and she sucked it, I nut all over her mink

Dance creator @Karaleighcannelle’s Feb. 18 video received over 212,000 likes and 2.3 million views.


idk where the sound went BUT I GOT YALL❤️👏🏽 (dc: me)

♬ Batman – LPB Poody

The challenge is a popular one with some of the biggest social media stars and celebrities taking it on.

Loren Gray:


my back hurts now i don’t have the facilities for this trend .

♬ Batman – LPB Poody

James Charles:


I’m so sorry

♬ Batman – LPB Poody

@The.navarose added a cool fashion spin to it.


🖤🕷⛓🏁 vs 💜🦄💅🏼💁🏻‍♀️ – which one do u like more?

♬ Batman – LPB Poody

There are memes, too:


♬ Batman – LPB Poody

Other takes:



♬ Batman – LPB Poody


lean with it 🤪 #fyp #skiangels

♬ Batman – LPB Poody