The Brief: The disturbing "Goodbye Feder" TikTok trend is sparking controversy, as the sexually suggestive trend has reportedly landed minors and young adults on pornographic websites.


A new viral TikTok trend features mostly young girls transitioning from a selfie-style video to sexually suggestive positions, typically bent over with their head down and rear-end facing up. These videos usually end with the creator sheepishly smiling and apologizing for their behavior. The potentially disturbing trend is performed to “Goodbye” by Feder featuring Lyse (Uravnobeshen Dikiy Remix).

This song has been associated with many other risqué style videos, like boys and young men pulling off their shirts as a TikTok transition.

Risqué trends have appeared on TikTok before, like the Creepy ‘Daddy’/Family TikTok POV trend which saw creators deleting their videos after receiving backlash.

This particular trend’s overtly sexually suggestive nature is troubling to many. There are over 478,000 videos linked to the audio after the trend began growing in popularity in mid-September. Many of these videos have millions of views on the app and are being created and viewed by underage TikTokers.

A video critiquing the trend:

This trend is causing controversy among viewers and participants. Some TikTokers say the trend promotes young women owning their sexuality, while others call out the dangers of minors posting sexual content online.

Some made it clear that teens and young adults don’t fully understand the consequences of creating this type of content, especially on an app popular among young children. Messages ranged from “Trumpy should’ve banned TikTok” to “Y’all don’t have parents?” and “Most of the girls doing this are minors and it’s NOT okay!”

There were also warnings like, “These videos are being uploaded to ph  [Pornhub] by strangers! Be careful of what you post.”

Some users coined the word “TikHub” in response to the trend.

TikTok Feder Goodbye Trend

On Sept. 21, creator @Urgirladrie shared a video warning that some of the most popular videos are part of a compilation that’s been shared on an “inappropriate site.”

According to Rolling Stone, one of these videos, which featured a minor who is listed as 17 in her bio, received more than 5.7 million likes, before it was removed by TikTok after the publication reached out for comment. TikTok has reportedly begun removing the videos associated with minors.

Accounts like @Helplocker began warning creators against participating in this trend, stressing the dangers of the footage ending up pornographic websites, like PornHub. “Once they are shared they are hard to erase,” the video says. It was captioned, “A lot of minors are using this audio 2 make explic*t videos. Pls remember the internet is forever & predators are watching #internetsafety #predator.”

A number of these videos have already appeared in YouTube compilations. Many are under “Attractive Women” sub-Reddits too, despite policies prohibiting the distribution of content involving minors.

Rolling Stone was unable to locate any of these TikTok videos on Pornhub, but reported that videos of minors performing SFW dances have appeared on the platform with titles like, “CRAZY THICK White Girl Does WAP Dance.”

PornHub also has strict guidelines against content featuring minors, although the site has reportedly hosted videos featuring child pornography and sex trafficking in the past.