The Brief: The "Roxy, You Can Braid Girl " Tracee Ellis Ross TikTok trend sees creators recalling situations in which they've obnoxiously laughed at someone's joke to receive a desired outcome.


TikTokers are recounting situations in which they’ve gone out of their way to laugh at someone’s joke in hopes of achieving a certain result as part of the Tracee Ellis Ross “Roxy, You Can Braid Girl ” TikTok trend. These videos began growing in popularity after Tracee Ellis Ross shared a video of herself overzealously complimenting her Black-ish style team on their 2020 Emmy’s win.

In the clip, Ross twirled swung her braid around herself while saying, “Ooh Roxy, Roxy, you can braid girl. Girl you can braid. You know what I’m saying,” in between inaudible noises and hysterical laughter. Her video received over 763,000 likes and 2.6 million views after it was posted on Sept. 18.


Congrats to Araxi Lindsey & the #blackish hair team on their #Emmy win! S/N: Araxi can braid! S/S/N: I am not well. #fyp

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross

At the time of publication, there are over 20,200 videos linked to Ross’ sound, many of which use the hysterical laughing noises to illustrate when creators have tried too hard to please someone in hopes of reaching a desired outcome.

Physics professor @Sutherlandphys poked fun at his students who laugh at his jokes in hopes of raising their grades. The video amassed over 846,000 likes and 2.2 million views.


appreciate it though

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross

@Aniahjay’s video saw her enthusiastically compliment her stylist despite hating her hair new hairstyle. The video garnered over 129,000 likes and 425,000 views.


chile iykyk😭 #hair #braids

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross

@Kohlskash_’s video took aim at the issue of officers disproportionately killing Black people.  The TikTok saw him trying to please a police officer by laughing at their jokes to avoid becoming another victim and subsequent hashtag.


euphoric might delete. Prob offensive

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross

Other takes:


#HelloFall#ClosetTour#fyp im so bored😭 I’m trying to post everyday tho

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross


@challxn you’re such a funny cool  awesome cool beautiful young black women, I love your videos so much you beautiful cool awesome cool awesome 

♬ original sound – Tracee Ellis Ross