The Brief: TikTokers are turning themselves into renaissance paintings as part of the "Renaissance Painting Time Warp Scan" trend.


Creators are using TikTok’s “Time Warp Scan” effect to create the illusion that they are part of a renaissance painting. Some of the most recent edits in the trend sees creators placing themselves in movie posters. This trend began rising in popularity in late December 2020. Though, the trend appears to trace back to creator @kaylawayla’s Nov. 16 and 17 videos. In it, the popular time warp scan effect moved down her video, and as it did so, wings and a halo appeared around her. Her Nov. 17 video earned over 25 million views.


Should I drop a tutorial? #viral #fyp #painting

♬ Little Dark Age by MGMT – Starcourt Mall

She shared a tutorial on her account on Nov. 18.


Sorry if this tutorial is fast. But part 2 will be uploaded very soon! Thanks for the love!πŸ‘Ό #part1

♬ Lacrimosa – Vienna Mozart Orchestra

Many hopped on the trend, including actor China McClain.


this was so fun @kaylawayyla πŸ–€πŸ™πŸΎ

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The trend saw a new take after after creator @n4t4liep shared a TikTok with a renaissance-style background with cherubs set to “Reflections” by Toshifumu Hinata. There are over 176,000 videos linked to this sound.


Idea credit @rayce2

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

The trend then began to see others build upon it, adding various Greek and Roman god-inspired backgrounds fit with roses, vines, angels, and more.


I SPENT ALL DAY ON THIS 😭 #Christmas2020 #fyp #art #BRIDGERTON

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa


Such a beautiful trend ✨ #renassaince #trend #fyp #foryoupage #renassainceart

♬ original sound – Natalie Pienkawa

It also saw cinephiles and cosplayers scan themselves into movie posters.


Thank you guys for 60k! You all are amazing🀍 #titanic #leonardodicaprio #foryou #fyp

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali