The Brief: TikTokers are creating videos in which they rate random things on scales from 1-10.


A trend on TikTok has creators giving commentary on and rating things as random as their family members’ personalities or drivers stopping at Stop signs.

At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #RateThings have been viewed over 102 million times on TikTok and the hashtag was featured on the app’s Discover page.

Most of these videos are made in good humor, but some creators have taken the trend as an opportunity to put people on blast or to objectify people, usually women and girls, by ranking them based on their looks.

Some videos include commentary spoken into headphone microphones, often with the same energy as a sports commentator or news anchor. Other videos use text to share the rankings, with a mashup of Hannah Montana singing transitions in the background.


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Another popular version of this trend has TikTokers rating the personalities or attitudes of their family members, using the hashtag #RatingMyFamily.