The Brief: Assemble the ultimate VSCO girl or VSCO boy costume this Halloween with this costume breakdown guide.


As Halloween approaches, it’s time to get your costume ready. If you haven’t planned in advance, have no fear, you can put together a last-minute VSCO girl or VSCO boy look with just a few items and accessories. For more costume ideas, be sure to check out our full guide to the best 2019 meme Halloween costumes.

1. Oversized Tye Dye Shirt

Pair this with some shorts for a quintessential dress-like VSCO outfit. Be sure to get a shirt that’s a few sizes up from what you usually wear. Available on Amazon for $7.86 – $24.95, depending on size availability.

2. Scrunchies On Scrunchies On Scrunchies

By far the most important element of any VSCO girl costume is the scrunchies. In fact, if you only have the time, energy, or budget to get one item, make it the largest pack of scrunchies you can find. Adorn your wrists, Hydroflask, and hair with anywhere from three to a dozen colorful scrunchies. This 18-pack is available on Amazon for $10.99.

3. Puka Shell Necklaces

Add some beachy elements to your look with these choker necklaces. Pack of 4 available on Amazon for $9.99.Β 

4. Crocs

If you don’t already own a pair of essential VSCO girl shoes like Birkenstocks or checkered Vans, a pair of Crocs are an affordable and accessible option. Choose a bright color and feel free to add some charms for extra VSCO vibes. These Crocs are available on Zappos for $39.99.

5. Accessories Galore

VSCO girls and boys are known for their accessories, most notably their Fjallraven Kanaken backpacks, their sticker-covered HydroFlask water bottles, and their metal straw to #SaveTheTurtles. If you happen to own any of these accessories, feel free to add them to your outfit and if you don’t, you could always tape a logo onto a generic backpack or water bottle to complete the look.


If you’re looking for a complete VSCO lifestyle change rather than a mere Halloween costume, check out our How To Be A VSCO Girl Guide.

Be sure to throw around some “sksksks’s,” “save the turtles” and “anna oops,” and your costume will be complete. Have a safe and fun Halloween!