The Brief: The "Put On a Cute A** Outfit" trend on TikTok sees creators strutting their stuff in slow-motion to audio of TikToker @Spencewuah and "Walk" by Saucy Santana.


Creators are walking in slow-motion to audio of TikToker @Spencewuah hyping us his followers while “Walk” by Saucy Santana plays in the background.

In the audio clip @Spencewuah says, “Put on a cute a** outfit and walk in front of your camera at 0.3x speed and tell me you don’t feel like a bad b*tch!”

FYI, 0.3x is a slow-motion speed setting.

“Walk” Lyrics:

Uh, let me see you walk
Walk (Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk)
Uh, yea hoe

The trend is incredibly popular with over 320,000 videos linked to the audio. The trend started growing on the app in early January.


#duet with @ryanair my power #fyp

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TikTokers of every age range are tackling this one. One of the most popular takes is all about building self-esteem in young girls. @Laysamichelle_’s TikTok captioned, “Teach them to have that CONFIDENCE” garnered over 3.5 million likes.


Teach them to have that CONFIDENCE ✨ mia you are a QUEEN

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Another popular take featured two elderly women throwing on their best fits for a night out. The video received over 1.2 million likes.


#gramfans #mamamels #imsillysusiefans #meteheadfam #ottobunch #lokifam #yinyangmafia #Bye2020

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There are also many body positivity takes:


my biggest pet peeve! #bodypositive #bodylove #bodyconfidence #selflove

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People are rooting for animals, too.


He’s probably worth over a 100M now honestly..

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And, there are a few slow-mo walk videos featuring celebs, like forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama:


Your First Lady COULD👏🏽NE👏🏽VA👏🏽#fyp #inauguration2021 #seashanty #walkchallenge #walk

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The new United States Vice President Kamala Harris:


Madam Vice President 🔥 (remixed @meena’s video) #kamalaharris #inauguration

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And, Tom Holland.


he’s a queen! #tomholland #funny #queen #holland_edits13 #spiderman #walking #trend #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ

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