The Brief: "Please, I Can't Live Like This Anymore, Then Leave" TikToks are about creators and cartoon characters fleeing terrible or annoying situations.


TikTokers are using a clip of “Party Is Over” from Disney’s Frozen mixed into the popular TikTok track BeatKing’s “Then Leave” to make hilarious videos about escaping bad or annoying situations. The audio begins with Anna telling Elsa, “Please, I can’t live like this anymore,” to which Elsa responds, “Then leave.” It then cuts to a hypermixed version of BeatKing’s “Then Leave.” There are over 17,000 videos linked to the audio. These videos began growing in popularity in late August.


Peace out
Ayy, Club Godzilla, I ain’t trickin’,
I’m just d*ckin’ b*tches down
Head down

TikToker @_anthonylopez’s Aug. 14 video is an incredibly popular take. The TikTok featured frustrated students and a teacher in a virtual class session. The teacher gives students who don’t want to participate the option to leave.  @_anthonylopez then slams his laptop shut and goes back to bed. The video received over 1.3 million likes and 4.3 million views.


Okay sis GOODNIGHT😭✨🤠🥰💤 #zoom #teacher #relatable #foryou #viral

♬ original sound – jillian nicole

Creator @carlos.26’s TikTok poked fun at Disney’s Moana. In it, she voices her concerns about not being allowed to play in water. The video garnered over 225,000 likes and 855,000 views.

@Conr16’s video was another Disney rendition. It featured Snow White complaining about the Queen to the Huntsman. The video amassed over 135,000 likes and 502,000 views.


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♬ original sound – jillian nicole

Other takes:


The other toys watching be like 👁👄👁 #fyp #foryoupage #4u #toystory #pixar #disney #disneyworld #disneyland

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I want to go home as soon as I finish eating or as soon as my favorite cousins leave 😂 #fyp #relatable #hispanic #EasyMeal #PerfectAsIAm #funny

♬ original sound – jillian nicole