The Brief: The "People'll Love You And Support You When It's Beneficial" TikToks typically see creators walking slowly while expressing different emotions in front of green screen backgrounds.


TikTokers are walking slowly while expressing various emotions in front of green screen backgrounds to a mix of Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N’ Potions.” The trend is marked by on-screen text indicating the humorous reasons they’re overcome with varying emotions. There are over 63,000 videos linked to the audio on TikTok.


People’ll love you and support you when it’s beneficial
I’ma forgive, I won’t forget, but I’ma dead the issue
Soon as you out they little life is when they start to miss you
They see you doin’ good, now it’s kinda hard to diss you
Yeah, they be sick when they remember all the bad they wished you

These videos began trending on Aug.23. The trend appears to trace back to @Peachling who has been credited by other TikTokers. In his Aug. 23 video, he slowly walks towards a green screen photo of a stairway to heaven. The video is captioned, “Me af going to God asking for a refund on life.” The video received over 56,000 likes and 194,000 views.


He did me so dirty 😕 #greenscreen #ChoresInThisHouse #ChemicalHearts #GoSkate

♬ original sound – ari

@Tashkardashian’s video is a popular take on the trend. Her TikTok was captioned, “Me walking out a theater feeling like a brand new person every time [sic] a movie ends.” It garnered over 327,000 likes and 973,000 views in one day.

@Ziigy123’s video was another crowd-pleaser. His video captioned “1o yr old me asf after the teacher said ‘Whoever has money for Scholastic book fair may go now'” amassed 66,000 likes and 196,000 views.

Other takes:


#greenscreen ib: @peachling

♬ original sound – ari