The Brief: Parents are dishing out savage insults to their children in a TikTok trend set to a song with the lyrics "no no no no no."


The “No No No” TikTok trend shows parents roasting their children, often with harsh and pointed insults. In these videos, parents film themselves looking at the camera with their kid in the background, apparently unaware of what their parents are saying about them.

Although the trend shows parents dunking on their children, the videos are often produced and posted by teenagers and young adults to make it seem like their parents were insulting them. The comments made in these videos are typically so over-the-top that it’s clear that they’re meant as jokes. It’s not usually specified whether the parents, the kids, or both are in on the joke in each video, but hopefully, everyone is in-the-loop and having a good time.

“No no no” TikTok videos feature parents insulting their kids’ lifestyles, dating lives, habits, looks, personalities, and more, sometimes asking if they can “send their kids back” or “abort” their adult children. They often refer to their kids as “this mf.”

There are over 24,000 videos using the “no no no no no no no no” sound by #fypsounds on TikTok, many of which follow this trend.

At the time of writing, the most popular video under the sound was posted by Mark Cuban’s daughter and shows him saying “I own a basketball team and this mf can’t even make a free throw πŸ™„πŸ™„.”


Does someone w an athletic child want to trade?

♬ no no no no no no no no – #fypsounds

More videos:


Told him we’re going to McDonalds, Im takin that mf right to an adoption center.

♬ no no no no no no no no – #fypsounds


♬ no no no no no no no no – #fypsounds

Screenshots of the trend also went viral on Twitter: