The Brief: Creators can now react and respond to comments on their videos with the "Reply To" editing effect.


A new feature on TikTok allows creators to reply to comments in videos. With this reply effect, TikTokers can highlight a comment from one of their past videos and share their reaction to it.

As the comments on TikTok videos are varied, videos that use this effect react to hate comments, suggestions, compliments, and more. This effect first became available in April 2020.

The feature automatically tags the person who made the comment, allowing it to be used as a way for creators to interact with and respond to questions from fans. TikTokers also have the option to reply to their own comments they’ve made on other people’s videos.


Reply to @itscameron

♬ original sound – beep boop bop


Reply to @alanna.travis πŸ–€ #foryou

♬ original sound – Custis Blue


Reply to @sofia_latt

♬ original sound – Bruh