The Brief: Creators are pretending to walk away from various situations in a cool or aloof manner as part of the "Me Leaving" TikTok trend.


The #MeLeaving trend on TikTok is characterized by creators walking away from a situations in a cool manner, which is emphasized by the slow-motion effect. Usually, the situation is something considered to be embarrassing or bold. The trend began growing in popularity in late October.

The hashtag #MeLeaving has over 1.2 billion views.

The trend is performed to Dua Lipa’s “Blow Your Mind” which was also associated with May 2020’s Blow Your Mind Challenge. There are over 1.8 million videos linked to the audio.


(Mwah) If you don’t like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind?

In @jbiglete’s TikTok, he puts on his shades in slow-mo, before hopping out of his car. The on-screen text hilariously reads, “Me to the line of cars behind me that just watched me parallel park for the last 12 minutes.” It received over 581,000 likes and 3.1 million views.

@Userpoopydingus’ video saw him leave the gym after using all of the equipment incorrectly and spending most of the time taking selfies. It amassed over 177,000 likes and 826,000 views.

Physics professor @Sutherlandphys’ video is a school-based take. His video garnered over 503,000 likes and 1.9 million views.



♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa

Other takes:


50/50 odds!!! ALSO I DID GOOD ON THE TEST I JUST FORGOT AFTER 😭 #fyp #foryou #dmv #driving #viral #relatable

♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa


Im so close to 100K can y’all get me there 😳#foryou #fyp #foryoupage #viral #greenscreen

♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa